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Researchers Team

Clara Cena. Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at DSTF. Her expertise is in the field of antioxidant compounds, of biomarkers of oxidative stress in humans and in the structure-function relationship of bioactive ingredients in food and supplements. She is Coordinator for the EIPonAHA - Action Group A1 - G.O.3. Education and Empowerment

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Franco Dosio. Associate professor in Pharmaceutical Technology, expert in informatics. Responsible for the DSTF of generic cabling of individual sites, for the choice of servers, o.s. and applications for website management and business services.

Roberta Fruttero. Full Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at DSTF. Her scientific activity, collected in a hundred publications, is in the field of drug design and mainly concerns the study of cardiovascular agents, in particular NO donor pro-drugs and polyvalent drugs.

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Marina Gallarate. Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology at DSTF. Her scientific activity concerns the pharmaceutical technology and the cosmetic chemistry. The research in the pharmaceutical field is aimed to the development of colloidal systems as possible drug delivery systems for different systemic or topical administration routes. In the cosmetic field, the studies are focused to the formulation and characterization of systems able to vehicle cosmetic actives.

Erica Liberto. Researcher in Food Chemistry at DSTF. Her expertise is focused on food metabolomics in defining the food quality & safety of functional and nutritional food ingredients and on biological fluids metabolomics looking for potential direct and/or indirect markers linked to the diet and its modulation.

Paola Milla. Researcher in Advanced Pharmaceutical Nanotechnologies. Her expertise is focused on the pharmacoeconomics, and on pharmacokinetics of drugs, with particular attention to biotechnological vectors. 

Beatrice Parola. PG Hospital Pharmacist, collaborating with DSTF, Quelypharm interests and website, contributing forward to the projects. 

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Barbara Sgorbini. Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical biology. Her research activity is mainly focused, in the metabolomics context, to the study of the volatile fraction (bioactive secondary metabolism) of plants of interest in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic field by applying new techniques and by optimizing analytical methods increasingly sensitive, reliable, rapid, automatable and characterized by a low environmental impact (for example, “solvent–free” techniques).

Elena Ugazio. Researcher in Technology and Regulation of Cosmetic Products at DSTF. Her expertise is focused on development of innovative delivery systems and formulations in dermatological and cosmetic fields; in particular, to improve the stability and the effectiveness of drugs and active compounds for skin application.

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Sara Traina. Pharmacist Research fellow at DSTF, working on QuelyPharm projects. Her interests focus on adherence to medication, polytherapy and inter-multi-professional programs.

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