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Frailty is often conceptualized by health care providers as a state of late life decline and extreme vulnerability characterised by weakness and decreased physiologic reserve. Frailty contributes to increased risk for falls, institutionalisation, disability, and death. Multimorbidity, the contemporary presence of two or more chronic medical conditions in the same person, is more frequently found in the ageing population.

SUNFRAIL (SUNFRAIL Reference Sites Network for Prevention and Care of Frailty and Chronic Conditions in community dwelling persons of EU Countries) is a European project with a duration of 30 months, which started in May 2015. The project receives funding from the EU Health Programme 2014-2020 and brings together 11 partners from 6 EU Member States.

The project aims at improving the identification, prevention and management of frailty and care of multimorbidity in community dwelling persons (over 65) of loco-regional settings of EU countries.

One of the main objectives is the development of an innovative toolkit for the prediction of frailty focusing on community-based prevention and avoidable hospitalization.

Regional Health Authority of Piedmont (RHAP) is leading WP7, elaborating innovative educational programs addressed to health care professionals, aimed at filling the existing gaps between the existing standard training programmes in the partner countries and educational programmes aimed at meeting the needs of the increasing future ageing population.