What we do

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The actual level of information/education about medications and their correct use achieved by elderly is not always satisfying.  A territorial network which coordinates health education of elderly citizens is evidently missing, which could facilitate sharing of accessible and correct information between academy and population.

Appropriate education should be available to the elderly, so that they become well-informed about health in order to maintain a perfect functionality of their body and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Coordination of every intervention on the diet, complementary food intake, physical and cognitive activity should be realized as the best as possible.

Health education is directly linked to health promotion in both clinical and community field. In fact, health promotion and wellness represent a great responsibility for all health care providers, who deal with elderly people. In keeping with this, wellbeing should not be regarded as specifically relevant only to younger individuals, but as extendable to all the categories of the population.

As members of Department of Drug Science and Technology, we daily deal with good practices of health education, teaching our students, both pharmacists and researchers of the future.

According to this, some colleagues of DSTF of the University of Turin have composed a work group sharing the commitment of qualification of the polytherapy of the elderly.

This Commitment, Qualification of Elderly PolypharmacyQuElyPharm –, has been accepted by European Commission as a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – EIPonAHA – AG A1: Prescription and Adherence to Medical Plans.