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In agreement with the overall goals and triple win defined in the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the EIP on AHA, the A1 Action Group aims to contribute to the improvement of adherence to medical plans and medication at European level under the pillar "Prevention, screening and early diagnosis". In particular, the implementation plan called for a set of actions to be launched, including the delivery of a prescription and adherence action at regional level, as well as the development of innovative tools and applications to promote health literacy and patient empowerment for informed lifestyle choices. These actions will contribute to the overall aim of the Action Group which is to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of older people living with chronic conditions in at least 30 EU regions.

Within the first period of its activity (2013-2015), A1 Action Group partners focused their work around five broad domain areas that have been identified to address the challenges and respond to the objectives of the Action Plan, including:

·       Adherence to care plans

·       Empowerment of patients and caregivers

·       Improvements of the health care services

·       Research and methodology

·       Communication


In order to meet the challenges posed by the new period of collaboration and to boost the effectiveness of their work, the AG A1 partners decided to renovate their Action Plan for the period 2016-2018.

In agreement with the overall goals of the EIP on AHA to improve quality of life, increase the sustainability of systems and services and increase the competitiveness of the EU economy, the Action Group A1 aims to contribute to 4 General objectives that are listed below.


General objectives agreed for the AG A1 renovated Action Plan are as follows:

·       General Objective 1. Scientific Research and Advocacy on Adherence

·       General Objective 2. Reinforce the role of the pharmacist

·       General Objective 3. Education and empowerment

·       General Objective 4. Exploit the potential of ICT for better adherence

Specific Objectives have been proposed for each General Objective.

Quelypharm is part of the Action Group AG1 since 2013 and has achieved a coordinating role inside G.O.3. Quelypharm aims at polymedicated elderly patients empowerment through qualification of counselling, actually split in different specialists recommendations and not patient-centred. New

expertizes will be recruited in multifaceted educational approach to empower patients, favouring

a proactive attitude towards self-management of therapy, awareness of drugs expected and

undesired effects. Stakeholder perspective (patient and care-givers) are strongly considered in the

design of this educational tool.