In agreement with the overall goals and triple win defined in the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the EIP on AHA, the A1 Action Group aims to contribute to the improvement of adherence to medical plans and medication at European level under the pillar "Prevention, screening and early diagnosis".


As advances in age, the emergence of chronic illnesses often requires the prescription of a large number of medicines to be taken during the day, according to specific time patterns and respecting individual posology. Polytherapy is defined as the co-prescription of several drugs and it is well known that the intake of more than 5 drugs leads to high probability of interactions between active molecules, with adverse reactions risk.


Frailty is often conceptualized by health care providers as a state of late life decline and extreme vulnerability characterised by weakness and decreased physiologic reserve. Frailty contributes to increased risk for falls, institutionalisation, disability, and death. Multimorbidity, the contemporary presence of two or more chronic medical conditions in the same person, is more frequently found in the ageing population.